Take Your Kingsport Travels to New Heights in the 2018 Nissan Armada

Travel throughout Kingsport, TN and beyond in the stunning 2018 Nissan Armada. The full-size Nissan SUV offers an excellent combination of power, interior space, versatility, and luxury. Whether you have a desire for speed or the safety of driver-assistive technology, the 2018 Armada has you covered. Let’s explore several of the new SUV model’s highlights.

What Features Make the 2018 Armada a Great Choice for Families?

One of the top reasons why so many families visit Wallace Nissan of Kingsport to explore the Nissan Armada up close and in person is due to the SUV’s safety features…

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Find Out How the New Nissan Rogue Compares to the Kingsport SUV Competition

Here at Wallace Nissan of Kingsport, we know that you have high expectations for your family’s transportation. Never settle for less when you can get the new Nissan SUV that you deserve at our dealership. The Nissan Rogue continues to out-perform the competition in the qualities that matter most to local families. How does the Rogue compare to the competition? Let’s compare the sporty Nissan crossover to several popular contenders. 

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Get Available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive on New Nissan Models Today!

Conquer any terrain thanks to the Nissan’s available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. Whether you’re looking at a new Rogue, Rogue Sport, or Murano, get ready to tackle the highways and byways with ease thanks to Nissan’s Intelligent AWD. Wallace Nissan has a wide selection of SUV models with optional all-wheel drive for our Kingsport, TN customers. Our sales experts are available and ready to assist you with your purchase today. We have years of experience and the knowledge to help get you back on the road today. 

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Tow More with a New Nissan Pickup Truck from Wallace Nissan

Whether you’re looking to tow a trailer or haul a load, do more thanks to Nissan’s impressive towing capabilities. Whether you’re in the market for a new Titan or Frontier, get any job done with ease. Wallace Nissan has a selection of powerful and dependable Nissan pickups in stock right here in Kingsport, TN. All of our pickup options have incredible towing capacities for whatever task you have in mind. Our sales team is here and ready to pair you with the new Nissan of your dreams today. 

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Looking for a High-Quality Low-Mileage Used Car? Visit Wallace Nissan!

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?If you're in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, you might be on the hunt for a low-mileage model. That's why we make it easy to find our low-mileage used models here at Wallace Nissan. When you want a new-to-you ride that boasts low numbers on the odometer, you need only take some time to explore our low-mileage inventory to find what you need. These models are in great shape and they still have plenty of room in which to write new chapters!

Why Buy a Low-Mileage Vehicle at Wallace Nissan?

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Should You Buy or Lease Your Next New Nissan in Kingsport?

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​If you're gearing up to add a new Nissan to your driveway, you've likely spent a good chunk of time coming up with answers to important questions to make sure you match with a vehicle that is the best-suited for your needs. From deciding on a body style to determining which features you can't live without, shopping for a new car is all about finding answers. One of the most important questions you encounter might be this one: should you buy or lease your next new Nissan?

Both tracks have their benefits, so which one you choose…

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Explore the New Nissan Kicks Crossover, Coming Soon in Late Spring 2018

If you're aiming to conquer city streets in a new crossover that exudes personality, the Nissan Kicks is coming soon in late spring this year in 2018 to supply you with a new way to rule the road. If you've memorized the dance to the beat of your own drum, this spunky little crossover will be right there with you, standing out with dynamic styling, fun and interesting color options, distinctive design elements, and much more.

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Embrace Darkness with the Nissan Titan Midnight Edition, Coming Soon

Black goes with everything and can crank up the style factor on just about anything. This has never been more obvious to us than with the Nissan Titan Midnight Edition. This blacked-out beauty offers a broad spectrum of dark details to make the Nissan Titan even more striking. From bold black exterior accents to charcoal interior trim, the Midnight Edition proves that embracing the dark side can have plenty of exciting benefits!

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Explore the Nissan Midnight Edition and Nissan Kicks, Coming Soon

If you're looking to stay up to date on incoming Nissan models so you can be ready when they become available, you can do so easily by visiting our "coming soon" pages to read up on the new and exciting things headed our way! For example, you can explore the incoming Nissan Titan Midnight Edition and see what the new Nissan Kicks is all about. With plenty of knowledge at your fingertips, you can properly prepare for the next wave of newcomers to our showroom!

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